Industrial companies

We offer a wide range of services to industrial companies, such as:

Valuation for IFRS purposes

Our experts have professional knowledge not only in Russian and international valuation standards but also in IFRS accounting. We are able to provide you with the full scope of services with respect to first adoption of IFRS (IFRS 1), purchase price allocation (IFRS 3), assets impairment testing (IAS 16) etc.

Preparation / analysis of business plans, assisting in funds raising

Receiving a loan is always connected with thorough analysis of potential borrowers’ activities by a credit institute, which is based on the information required by a bank. The quality of such information, among which the major ones are business plan and financial model of your project, may influence significantly the time limits and the whole process of expertise. We used to be credit inspectors and we know how to prepare such information. Moreover we are ready to support you during the process of communication with banks.

Estimating efficiency of investment projects

We will be glad to assist you with cash flow projections for a new project, risks and sensitivity analysis of its key drivers. If you already have financial model, we are able to perform a stress test of it in order to reveal potential risk factors.

Financial modeling and business valuation

Financial models are usually created for the purposes of analyzing of business value and factors that may influence on it when making various management decisions. We have a wide experience in modeling, we are able to build professional logical and transparent model either for single or multiple usage.

Financial statement preparation under IFRS

We are able to prepare stand alone and consolidated financial statement under IFRS.

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