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Qualified staff is one of the main assets of any company. VK Consulting Group Academy offers various training in corporate finance and investment analysis. All our teachers not only practice studying in various MBA and EMBA programs, but also have practical experience in sectors connected to their programs.

It is a common practice that when selecting a course, the program of it contains general data with no required specific. We can offer you either well prepared package courses or training developed individually for the needs of your company. As for now we have the following trainings (in order to get the program of the course please fill in the form below):

Business valuation in theory and in practice

Interactive training developed for specialists engaged in investments analysis and valuation of assets in order to get detailed knowledge of this process in practice. During the course the participants will be involved in implementing of practical cases in Excel (16-20 hours).

Financial modeling

This course is designed for the employees of consulting companies and investment banks, whose responsibilities mainly related to the financial modeling. The participants will be able to build the financial model in Excel step by step taking into account not only financial aspect of modeling but also using SMART principle of modeling allowing to create well structured and transparent models (20-24 hours).

How to estimate and manage business value

This course is developed for the top manager and investors, who would like to get the overall picture of business valuation process, key drivers that influence the value of a company and potential ways of increasing capitalization (6-8 hours).

Specific of financing of internet projects

The course may be interesting for young entrepreneurs going for internet start-ups. Main aspects of the course are the ways of financing of internet projects, how to find an investor and what to discuss when someone is ready to invest in your project (3 hours).

Creditworthiness analysis

Short training, which is aimed to increase qualification of employees engaged in project financing in the way of providing the overall picture of all major factors which should be taken into account when analyzing a potential borrower.

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