Start ups and small businesses

Starting up of a project and its further growth always connected with various risks. The main risk factors which usually become the reason for projects termination are overestimation of potential future cash flows of the project or inability to find required financing. We can offer the following services in order to avoid such risks:

Estimating efficiency of a new project, risk factor analysis

Cash flow analysis is one of the most important preliminary stages of business development. This stage is often skipped by the young entrepreneurs, which might cause the loss of investments. We can assist you to create detailed financial forecast of your project taking into account market and industry specific. Moreover, we will determine the efficiency of your project, its net present value and payback period, as well as major risks which may influence project efficiency.

Choosing optimal financing scheme and sources of financing

Prompt financing of your project is also one of the main factors of its further successful development. Many of young entrepreneurs consider attracting of debt financing impossible and start to look for investors, although equity financing is always more expensive. On the other hand, if you are only in the very beginning (seed financing), especially in such sectors as innovations and e-commerce, then venture financing or business angels are possible options for you. Sometimes you may even be unaware of all possible options of financing, such as development grants or government subsidies etc, we are ready to help you to deal with it.

Preparation / analysis of business plans, investments memos

Business plan is always required when attracting finance. Our experts will assist you to prepare business plan or investment memorandum on a highly professional level, we know exactly all the requirement of potential creditors. In addition, we are ready to take part in financing raising for you in the way of loans, equity or grants.

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