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We are always up to date therefore in our team we have not only experts in industry and retail sectors, but also in innovative technologies and internet related projects.

Corporate finance
  • Selection of the optimal financing scheme and assistance in fundraising;
  • Development or analysis of business plans;
  • Project financing business;
  • Cost analysis and financial modeling business.
Investment consulting
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects;
  • Due Diligence and memorandums to potential investors in order to justify the investment;
  • Assistance in support of transactions of purchase and sale of companies;
  • Search for investors or investment objects.
Valuation of assets and financial statement preparation under IFRS
  • Purchase price allocation (IFRS 3);
  • Impairment testing of assets (IAS 36);
  • Valuation of fixed, intangible and other assets and liabilities for IFRS purposes;
  • Preparation of financial statements under IFRS.


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We have trainings at Business Valuation, Financial Modeling, M&A transactions in e-commerce etc.

We can arrange trainings specifically for your staff taking into account your requirements.